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EOC2.0 integrated with ServiceNow?

I see there is a widget resource "ServiceNow Incidents" available for the "Summary" type view of EOCv2, yet there is no data available.  My 3 Orions connected to EOC are linked to ServiceNow instances yet EOC doesn't seem able to pull this data. 

Anyone get this to work?  Is this a feature for a future EOC release?

  • rbmarshall - Utilizing this resource is not functional today.  A list of available resources for use in custom pages can be viewed here:  Understanding Changes In EOC 2.0 - The Enterprise Maps View

    This is something I am hoping to include in the future.  I am curious, are you looking for the resource just to list the ServiceNow Incidents and have those represented in EOC, or would you be looking for EOC to integrate with ServiceNow?

  • First thought is that I wouldn't gain much by having EOC connected to ServiceNow instead of Orions but I guess if it worked well and the alert configurations were also fully incorporated into EOC, it would be my ultimate preference.

    My immediate need is for the ability of EOC to list ServiceNow ticket details (#,assignee) with alert lists like we see in the Alert Details on the Orions now.  A link to the ServiceNow ticket and ability to acknowledge event from within EOC is also necessary. Not having this capability means that our helpdesk must continue to rely on outdated tools for ticket information and is preventing SolarWinds from deploying this into production at my company (3 screens for them to reference for SolarWinds/ServiceNow events was a no-go)

  • Thanks rbmarshall​ - we will see what we can do.  I have created a case to investigate for a future release.  Listing the ticket details and providing a link to the SN instance may be something that isn't too difficult to accomplish, but again we will need to investigate.   

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