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Extremely Long SWQL query that works in SWQL Studio but not in EOC reports.

I have an SWQL query that takes 9+ minutes to run in SWQL studio, However when I try to move it to the report I keep getting invalid error.  My personal belief is there is a configuration timeout setting I need to adjust somewhere, or a size configuration in EOC, but I cannot seem to find it. I opened a case with support and they suggested I bring this up in the forum.

Is anyone running large SWQL reports that hit multiple sites and minimum 4 tables?  There is +- 6000 lines of SWQL including comments and ISNULL calculations.

If anyone has any idea where I can look to help solve this problem or Ideas I really would appreciate it. Right now, I am running them manually every day and moving them to a folder.

Thank you

  •  can you share the support case number please?  We can investigate.  

  • By EOC, do you mean that your making it a resource on the page?   One thing I've noticed is if you don't have a sort order clearly defined you get strange errors.

    Can you just run this as a scheduled report in the Web Report writer or something?   

  • Case # 00474775 - EOC report Builder "Query Invalid"

  • I wasn't clear. The SWQL runs in SWQL studio, it fails when taking that SWQL and creating a new report Custom->Table->Advanced Database Query (SWQL) in the EOC. The amount of tables I used for these reports and the joins I was unable to use any of the other methods. I have smaller reports that use the same Base SWQL, but for a lack of better term the larger reports have 11 modules of conditions, the smaller ones have maybe 3, as the other 8 don't apply.  

  • Just in case anyone was following this. Eventually we changed more timing configurations to an hour and that solved the issue, to a point. Let me explain.

    1. The report never uploads into EOC via writing the code. However since we have a development environment that is much smaller we wrote the same reports, exported them. then imported them.  This solved the problem of the report building time out.  If we have to modify, its back to dev make the changes export and import.

    2. The reports will run on the web, but much slower so I would have to increase the time out even more.  Basically this was unacceptable from a performance and a customer service prospective, so at the moment we  manually run them in SWQL studio and put them into a csv and post to a shared folder. Not an ideal solution.

    3. Once we are fully staffed and trained up again, we will attempt to script this.

    Bottom line support gave us a work around, but that just pushed more manual labor to a different department.