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EOC and Orion Sites on Different Versions

We are deploying a standard Orion (NPM, NCM, UDT, IPAM, SEM, SAM, and Engineer's Toolkit.) to +12 sites and connecting them to our EOC.  All installations are 2019.4.  EOC is new for us and we've not built out many dashboards, reports, alerts, etc.  We're about half way through and considering upgrading our EOC to 2020.2 and continue our deployment of Orion 2019.4 to the remaining sites and then have the sites upgrade after the project.  That way installation/configuration process and documentation is standard and we don't have to pause the project to update process/documentation, retrain our installer, etc.  For the sites, we've standardized on NPM, NCM, UDT, IPAM, SEM, SAM, and Engineer's Toolkit.

Any concerns or caveats?

  • I will need to run this by the EOC team to validate if EOC 2020.2 is fully compatible with Orion Core 2019.4. From what I know of previous EOC versions such as 2.2 there was some backwards compatibility however EOC 2020.2 has introduced some changes which may affect this. I will confirm with you as soon as I have a definitive answer.

  • It could technically work back as far as Core 2016.1 or later. However, specifically in the latest releases that include Orion Maps, and Custom Property Management, you could see some issues/ undesired behavior if the versions between instances and EOC are mismatched. It would be ideal to stay on identical versions.  As an example – if I have EOC on 2020.2 with the new Custom property Management and create a global EOC property, and 1 out of my 3 instances are on 2019.4 and not 2020.2, the Global property will forcibly be changed to 2 separate properties. 1 for the 2 sites on 2020.2, and 1 for the site on 2019.4.

  • Hi Tony,

    Based on your response, I should not have any issues with Orion running 2020.2 and EOC on 2020.2.1. Correct?