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Polling intervals increase if the polling rate exceeds 100% of the maximum rate


As per the screenshot below the polling rate on my orion server is at 104%.  I have done the following to try to bring this to under 100%

-Unmanaged 40 devices
-Removed 400 hardware monitors
-Removed 80 application monitors

-Changed polling from 120 seconds to 300 seconds on 50 nodes

-Changed volume polling from 15 minutes to 60 minutes

-Changed default hardware polling from 10 minutes to 120 minutes
-changed polling of interfaces to 300 seconds

But still after making these changes, rebooting the server and waiting 3 days the polling rate is still at 104%

Is there any way to see what is taking up the polling rate?


  • jbarr3tt- I don't believe this question pertains to the Enterprise Operations Console so I may move it to NPM.  However, a single polling engine can typically handle around 12,000 elements at default polling intervals.  It looks like you are currently monitoring around 12,639 elements, and it sounds like you could be adjusting some of the polling intervals for Nodes and interfaces which could have an impact.  You are still running 100 percent polling completion which is good, but it may be time to talk to your Account Manager and discuss any growth plans, and whether an Additional Polling Engine is needed.