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Stage dashboard views

Is there a way to edit a current dashboard, save it, but not publish it to the general public until management approves the change?  I would rather not copy he view edit save and release a new view because then their is a new view id number and that will break other links.  I am open to any and all work around.

Thank you.

  •  There is not a way to edit an existing view without pushing a change so to speak.  Either you are making a change or not.  The only option would be to access Manage View or Dashboards, duplicate the view, call it TEST NEW or whatever you need to, make the changes, and you just don't add that to a public menu.  You can always share the "preview" URL with whoever you are interested in obtaining opinions from before you add it to production.  

    With Modern Dashboards you can see this behavior will be somewhat similar - but provide an easy mechanism for making public or private.


    Hopefully this helps. Please clarify if this does not meet your needs.