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EOC Locking out accounts?

The Server on which EOC is running is locking out my AD account constantly.

- No services are running on the server under my acount

- No processes of any kind are running on the server under my account

- All EOC sites were added using a single SolarWinds only account per each site

- I have logged in and cleared my cached credentials from the manage credentials menu

- I have set the autologin for sites to NO.

My account is still repeatedly locked by EOC. It seems something is leftover that is being cached either from credentials to access other sites, or from the install itself.

Has anyone ran into this? Any solutions?

I've opened a support case and will let you guys know if a solution is found.

  • I haven't heard of this issue yet km88.  Can you share your support case number?  Also, please ensure you have obtained diagnostics and uploaded those to the case.

  • It looks like we've got a fix:

    The EOC_SiteAccounts table in the EOC database contained outdated cached credentials for the account that were being used for Orion modules that we do not currently use in our environment, such as SRM, WPM, and IPSla monitoring.

    I'm not sure how this happened (whether a software flaw or something different with our environment) but deleting these rows from the database appears to have corrected the issue.

    It's my understanding that this information has been provided to the dev team for review.