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Is there an ETA on an RC release for 2.0?  We have had issues with our EOC implementation since day 1 and support has escalated to development and no resolution (ticket has been open since september).  We are open to an RC release as it can be upgraded.  If we don't have a fully functional EOC when our maintenance is due for renewal, we will be forced to drop it. 

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    Same problem: 2 years we pay for this product, but all that we have when threat to support is "faeture request" or "never closed tickets".

    It looks that product is dead.

    Just like this branch of forum about EOC - Solarwinds team never ask for any questions...

  • I've pointed out frequently to reps that this is a great value-added product that would appeal to very large organizations (we have four SAM, two NPMs, two VMANs, two SRMs).  I understand that there is less development because the user base is smaller, but they're missing an opportunity here.