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Announcing Enterprise Operations Console 2.1 Beta!

The Enterprise Operations Console 2.1 Beta is available and accessible through the EOC Beta forum!

In order to participate in this beta please follow the enrollment instructions here to verify your maintenance and be granted access.  Contribute detailed feedback to earn 3000 Thwack points.

  • We do not provide release notes for Betas's.  In the Beta forum we have posted some details about the release.  Is there something specific you are looking for?

  • Thanks

    Yes I have a great issue with EOC v2.0.

    In this version make a custom list or chart or report from all site is very difficult.

    there are many option in widgets section but few of them work.

    And user should work with SQL or SWQL commands to make a simple list.

    I think its a regression for EOC.

    I read this Understanding Changes in EOC 2.0 - Creating Global Top XX Resources before but I think its so odd for this product to act like this.

    Process now in EOC 2.0 is harder than v1.6.

  • Thank you for the feedback!  Have you taken a look at the 2.1 Beta? 

    In 2.0 There are a number of widgets that were incorporated due to integration of standard Core which can be confusing.  We are ensuring that is addressed.  Using a Custom Chart resource or Custom Table resource is not much different than it would be today anywhere else in Orion.  What type of widget were you trying to create, or needing to see?  Was it simply having to create the resource yourself? 

    I am interested in what you are needing in EOC?  What would make it more functional, or are the most critical components to EOC for you?

  • Thanks for your reply.

    No I dont see EOC v2.1 BETA and for this reason I like to know what is the new features in that.

    I use EOC in my NOC.

    I have 3 site that with more than 25000 node.

    We made some live widgets in old version that show NOC operators issues in brief like down interface , down App or.......

    We made many filter in our widgets cause type of down interface or apps is important to each part of our NOC team.

    Now making this filters is harder in EOC v2.0 and we have few options for making this widgets.

    In brief I should tell you that making this type of panel take more time and at the end its not that we want really.

  • The Beta's are locked down to customers that own the product, so since you own, I invite you to join the beta forum where I discuss just some of the upcoming improvements to EOC.  Unfortunately I cannot discuss them here.  If you have time to test out the Beta, this is where you have the opportunity to impact the release.  If you are looking to create quick status indicators for entities such as interfaces or apps, have you checked out the Summary Tiles?  These should be fairly quick to provide a list interfaces or Apps in a particular status.

  • I should check with admin of our SWID and customer portal panel to help me for join my THWACK account with our SWID and I have a chance for testing this beta version.

    Its not possible for me I think so it need many paper work in my company.

    Anyway thanks for your help

  • If possible I would suggest getting added to the account.  I had tried to look up your org but don't have the domain or anything like that.  You will need the SWID to gain access to the Beta forum.  Once we are able to share details publicly, I will be happy to do so.  For now, if you would like to share any screenshots of dashboards or views that are a must for your team, I am certainly interested in understanding your needs further, and I might be able to provide some suggestions. 

  • HI Guys,

    any idea when 2.1 will be available?