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How to make customized widgets under environment summary page stick for ALL users

I've customized a widget, added code to filter interfaces for just datacenter nodes. Did this under the local account called admin. When I log out & log back in as another user (AD-authenticated group member) it seems like the change to the swsql code filtering that widget is gone and I get an indicator that nothing matches for that part of the widget.

I am using the 'default credentials' throughout.

Please help. Liking the look of 2.0 so far but I can't tell users they have to edit the swsql for these objects themselves (under their accounts). Hopefully I'm just missing something...


  • bstrutton How EOC 2.0 functions today is that each account/ user that accesses the tool has a unique view.  You as the administrator will need to log in as each user and create the tiles for the user you wish to access EOC.  This is something that we are working on currently to improve on in order to mitigate administration overhead.  

  • Is this going to be fixed anytime soon? With AD authentication and access controlled by AD groups there simply is no way I can constantly check the related groups and manually change for each user. This should be driven by role  or group like everywhere else in Orion. EOC 2.0 is a step in the right direction, but the execution is simply not ready to hand out to users. Who is the logical target group for EOC? Typically this would be used by IT Leadership and maybe the Service Desk, and neither of them can be expected to customize their own views. Please fix this asap.

  • alang Have you taken a look at the 2.1 Beta?  I cannot state specifics in the public forum for now, but I would be highly interested if you have the opportunity to take a look.  The target user/ group for EOC can certainly include leadership or perhaps a Service Desk, but also include customers that function more similarly to a MSP.  In this fashion we do our best to be cognizant of the different needs each of these clients have.  We strive to provide features that provide a meaningful solution to problems that may exist for each in leveraging distributed environments.  I think if you take a look at 2.1, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Please join the beta forum and review the posts included at the very least.  Beta's are where you have the best opportunity to effect change in the product.

    Please let me know if you would like to jump on a call to discuss or feel free to reach out to me directly as well if you have any additional questions.      

  • bstrutton​ and alang​ - Please take a look at the EOC 2.1 RC as we have made adjustments which would behave more similarly to a standard Orion Instance.