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When do we consider moving to EOC?

What is the limitation in SAM or NPM that a customer would need EOC to manage?

  • EOC is really about offering deployment options, and depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  There is not a "limitation" that requires EOC to be involved for the most part.  When discussing the Orion Suite of products with customers, we often get the question of “how does Orion scale?”

    The answer is that SolarWinds provides multiple methods available for customers to choose from:

    1. Scaling horizontally or scaling up - Typically refers to scaling the number of elements within a single instance of Orion.  In this case, SolarWinds provides the use of Additional Polling Engines to quickly expand the overall capacity.
    2. Scaling out - Whether it is the way in which you run your business, such as a MSP, or if you have acquired additional instances of SolarWinds due to mergers and acquisitions, or any other number of reasons, customers may have what we refer to as a distributed model of deployment.  This means your environment consist of several separate Orion Instances.  The Enterprise Operations Console is the perfect tool to roll up data from each instance.

    Take the below graphic, you have a worldwide network with teams responsible for managing their respective region, so an Orion installation resides in each; North America, EMEA and APAC.


    EOC’s main functionality is to aggregate data from multiple Orion server installations and display that data in a similar fashion as the Orion Web Console. As an example, the global NOC/ Management Team may require a comprehensive view of all entities into a single dashboard for a representation of status, current alerts, and need the ability to run reports across the worldwide environment.  The Enterprise Operations Console provides this visibility for you. Administrators even have the ability to create customized accounts and restrict what data each Orion EOC user is permitted to see. These restrictions can be set on an individual basis by customizing user settings and on a group basis by defining roles.

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    For Scaling up or horizontally what are the thresholds for NPM, NTA, NCM & SAM modules?

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