Working with EOC / Orion Modern Dashboard

I tried creating an EOC modern Dashboard which will show the critical and warning status of a component on each site that we have.

It will also show the list of those components affected and the nodes affected which is group by custom properties.

While doing this, I noticed some delay of the information that are stucked on the EOC modern dashboards for more than 30 mins even if the application is already had UP status (on Site 2) after a few polling has passed. I also noticed that using the node URL will not directly redirect you to the correct node details page and will say does not exist.

However, adding this on the SWQL can fix the issue "n.OrionSite.Website + n.DetailsUrl as [URL] FROM Orion.Nodes", i feel that the EOC modern Dashboard is nearly there. Still had some minor pains like a lot of SWQL programming and lack of integration with certain features like MAPs, drag and drop capability or automatic adding of columns or components via GUI, Expanding the group of nodes, dynamic view limitation of the page via custom property (limited) and per user at the same time etc.

I hope we can have some built in modern dashboard that we can start working with in EOC/Orion and the ability to easily import/export modern dashboard as well which Technical support can also help and not just pushing the case when they immediately heard "customization".
If you have some working EOC dashboard that you can share here, please feel free to post here so we can also help others that are also starting with EOC Modern Dashboards.

EOC is a promising module specially if Solarwinds can improve the product in terms of handling large amount of monitored component or element with Maps, Performance analysis pages, modern dashboards and reports running at the same time without having a performance issues a long the way.

Thanks in advance! Slight smile