Hi there,

I am looking at finding what is the best "simple" way to structure work and especially work/changes brought across a network. A simple way to provide:

1) plan structure project/tasks to be completed

2) reporting documentation of reverse engineering/problems/solutions advised or applied

3) technical documentation of network/topology/switches/routers/vlans/firewall configurations for technical records and support

Be it building a new system, but even better when bringing changes in to an existent system when a lot of reverse engineer was needed as system underwent a lot of changes in the last 5 years but nobody documented anything.

Would be great of you could recommend template/links/ideas

- Situation analysis of problems/risks > solutions offered, potentially in multiple steps

- Reverse engineering approach/findings/methods/troubleshooting/analysis/corrective actions-solutions

- Documenting per subgroups (WAN/LAN/WLAN/DEVICES/CLIENTS/LOGIC) the work/tasks completed

Thank you so much for any suggestions!