Unable to Install Engineers Toolset on Windows 11

My employer just replaced my Windows 10 PC with a new Windows 11 PC so I'm trying to install ETS.  The only download I could find for ETS in our account was 2022.4.0 which seems weird since it says that 2023.1 is the latest...  Some docs say that 2022.4.1 replaced 2022.4.0 so it's weird I can't see that version...  At any rate the install tries to install dotNet 3.5 and then finally comes up with an install dotNet 4.0 dialog with a button that says download dotnet 4.0...  I downloaded and tried to install but the installer says that it's already "built-in" in Windows 11 and doesn't need installing...  If I re-launch the ETS install it just repeats...  Is there some way to tell it to ignore the dotNet installs?  Not sure where to go next...  I'd also prefer to install the 2023 version but could not find that...  Thanks in advance for your assistance...

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