What We're Working On for Engineer's Toolset (Updated: June, 2024)

Here is a partial list of the things we are currently working on. Your comments and feedback are always welcome, and have been vital in shaping Engineer's Toolset into the product it is today. We are always listening, so please forward your feature requests, problems and use-case stories.

Items currently being considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Updates and additions of individual tools
  • 3rd party components updates
  • Security improvements
  • Solarwinds HCO integration updates
  • I have told by my Server team that .net framework 3.5 has some security issue and that they are in the process of .net framework 3.5 from the environment and moving to .net 4.8.  I know that .net framework 3.5 must be installed for the Engineers toolkit to fully function.  
    When will this application be updated to support .net 4.XX?   Or will this end up like NTM.

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