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DPA support database table space monitoring

If the DPA supports Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL table space monitoring,Will become more in line with customer requirements,Similar APPinsight for SQL features,It contains a table size, free space

oracle table space.png

  • Auto-Growth increment and Max file size would be pretty standard metrics across platforms too.   Average historical growth rate over time would correlate to some specific wait stats.  Depending on underlying storage and OS/VM configuration, periods of intense growth would stand out and could be investigated.  Overlaps a little with other product areas, but provides a lot of value, especially when you tie those into perfstack.  Pure gold, great idea.

  • For SQL Server, this could be by FILEGROUP or by logical disk (C:\, D:\, E:\, etc.). I'd prefer the latter.

  • Thanks for your reply,I've updated the requirement description

  • I think you need to add some detail to this so we can understand what sort of enhancement you are proposing.

    What sort of Tablespace monitoring do you want? Size? Freespace? Activity?

    What problem are you trying to fix or prevent?

    At the moment I don't think there's enough information for me to be able to vote on this.