Uninstall and reinstall Solarwinds DPA issues.

I need to uninstall and reinstall Solarwinds DPA.  Upon uninstalling the software, it does not clean up config files etc from the file system, nor does it drop the ignite service.  Should I manually delete these items?

For some unknown reason the application was unable to connect to repo database.  So I dropped the repo database (this is a test instance install, not worried about starting over) and then uninstalled the DPA software.  When reinstalling it, it says that it cannot connect to the repository database, which is because it doesn't exist.  

It does not give me the opportunity to create a new repo database.  If I could do that, I would try it out.

In lieu of that not being possible, I'd like to do a clean reinstall of the product, but the files are all hanging around.  

Any suggestions?