Solarwinds DPA Alerts Total SQL Wait Time - Machine shows fewer seconds of wait time than the DPA Waits tab does

We are running Solarwinds DPA on our MS SQL Server machine running SQL Server 14.0.3456.2

We set up the " Total SQL Wait Time - Machine" alert with an execution interval of one hour.  An hour later it tells me the total wait time for that hour was 2 seconds.

DPA shows the graph below, which I interpret to mean that over the last hour  we were seeing more like 800 seconds of wait time.  What is the cause of this discrepancy, and how can I make the alert more closely match the results in the DPA graph?

alert text is:

Alert: Total SQL Wait Time - Machine

Database Instance: AA-WMSDB

Execution Time: Friday - September 01, 2023 13:42:04

View Alert Status: rp-orion:8123/.../alerts

Alert Parameters:
Machine: AA-WMSDB



Value: 2 seconds

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