Not able to access dpa from browser after upgrade to 2023.2 from 2023.1

Hi team,

Dpa not able to access from browser.throwing error server taking long time to respond. As 2023.2 doesnt accept http connections I tried enabling ssl but I am not able to access dpa. Kindly provide your suggestions.



  • Hi, what port are you trying to access DPA on? Default https port is :8124. Do you need to open a firewall for that also? Maybe windows firewall. 

  • Is this a new install or an upgrade? As of 2023.2.1, only https is allowed -- i.e., http access to DPA is disallowed. 

    If you want http to automatically forward to https, you can follow the instructions in the DPA 2023.2.1 release notes by adding the redirectPort option to the http connector definition in the server.xml file. If you have bookmarks referencing http using port 8123, as mentioned, make sure to use the correct https port. If the default https port of 8124 isn't working, find which port is configured in the https connector in the same server.xml file.

    Note: There are also adjustments described in the 2023.2.1 release notes to adjust DPA Central registrations to one or more DPA Servers if you originally registered DPA serves with http.