Planning on upgrading to DPA 2023.2.1.504 (June Release) HTTP to HTTPS Question

Hello -

I am looking to update to 2023.2.1.504 and have a question about the HTTP to HTTPS part that needs to be done so users can still access DPA.

1. Does this change to the server.xml have to be done after the update has been done?

2. Can I do something now to change how everyone connects to they connect via HTTPS prior to the update? 



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  • In the 2023.2.1 release notes, it identifies the steps you should take in the "Before you upgrade!" section. If you follow the turn off http traffic URL that you mentioned, this will just have DPA reject HTTP connections. This of course would break any bookmarks and any DPA Central connections to DPA Servers that use HTTP and the 8123 port.  

    The suggestions in the release notes above will avoid any impacts to customers ahead of time by (1) changing any DPA Central connections to use HTTPS and (2) Redirecting any connection attempts to http to the https target. 

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