Migrate DPA Application and Repository to Windows Server 2022/SQL 2022


We are looking to migrate all things Solarwinds to 2022.  I wanted see if anything has changed in 4+ years. 


Currently monitoring up to 100 databases, some Azure, and also use the VM Option. 



  • Only DPA 2023.2.1  supports SQL Server 2022 either for monitoring or for use as the DPA Repository as well as one of its new authentication options to use Azure AD.

    Follow the guidelines in the DPA Install and Upgrade Guide for 2023.2.1

    Depending on how old your DPA version is that you need to upgrade from, you may have to first upgrade to an interim version which 2023.2.1 supports direct upgrades from.

    Note that you can only connect to SQL Server 2022 using the new 12.2 Microsoft JDBC Driver that ships included in the DPA 2023.2.1 release.  However, that new MS Driver is not always backward compatible with all earlier non-default MS JDBC connection options that you may have specified in the prior monitored and SQL Server repository DB connections. 

    For example, the new MS driver ONLY supports encrypted communication. If your prior options specified things like Force Encryption=NO or set SSL mode=Disabled, upon upgrading to 2023.2.1 or later, the new MS driver may not allow connections to those any longer until you use the defaults or change those options to Force Encryption=YES and/or do not disable SSL mode.  If you absolutely don't want to use encrypted communication to some of your older SQL Server databases, your only other option is to override the JDBC driver choice to use the older JTDS for those SQL Server instances while retaining the MS driver option to connect to SQL Server 2022 and later.

    As far as Azure and VMWare monitoring, those are still supported. The following is the DPA 2023.2.1 supported DB type and cloud variants of DB types monitored for analysis or for use as a DPA Repository.  

    Below is the current supported DB types and cloud variants supported by DPA 2023.2.1

  • We just updated to 2023.1.0.265 so as things stand now we cannot support SQL 2022.  We probably will have to wait a month or two to update to 2023.2.1 to have the bugs worked out of that release.  I also will meet with our DBA team and to discuss the Microsoft JDBC driver item.  We go back quite a bit with SQL so that also might hold us back from updating.  Thanks!

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