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DPA Upgrade 2022.1.7777 to 2023.1.0.265

Greetings -

I have Orion updated and DPA is next on my list of Solarwinds applications to update. Last time I did a DPA update was early last year so I am looking to make sure when I run this update I am not going to miss anything. 

When I updated Orion I tried to update it to 2023.1.1 but when I ran the updater it forced me to install 2023.2.1.  If I download 2023.1.0.265 for DPA will it let me install this version or will it force me to install the latest version? 

I am going to review the update documentation to make sure I have everything prepped for updating.  If there is anything missing in the documentation or any gotchas please let me know.