2023.2.0.501 version no longer GA?

I went to upgrade a new DPA instance and I noticed the download for DPA version 2023.2.0.501 was no longer available from my customer portal. I also see the Thwack page announcing that version being Generally Available is now a dead link.

A quick forum search and I don't see any announcements about pulling that version. I see a post about an issue with Azure MIs and the update to the MSFT JDBC Driver that was introduced in 2023.2 (which I was also having an issue with), but otherwise this seems very quiet

Am I just missing something, or is there an issue with that version that we need to be aware of?

Thanks for the guidance

  • The issue with the new MS driver is it can cause connection problems to SQL Servers with Azure AD authenticated users. After upgrading DPA, customers that had registered DBs with Azure AD authenticated users, weren't able to reconnect to them. In order to prevent additional customers from running into the situation, we pulled the 2023.2.0 download off the SolarWinds® Customer Portal. At that time, we had not yet diagnosed the root cause and didn't have a reasonable mitigation. We also contacted all customers that had previously downloaded 2023.2.0 to apprise them of the problem and options if they were experiencing any symptoms.

    Since that time, we've developed a 2023.2.1 service release to fix the problem. It is in final testing. We plan to make it generally available in a few days along with new notifications to customers. At that time, it will replace 2023.1.0 as the most current downloadable release. 2023.2.0 will not be made available again for download. 

    If you have installed it and DPA 2023.2 is experiencing connection problems to Azure cloud databases leveraging Azure AD authentication, please call SolarWinds technical support to better identify your options.

    Thanks and we appreciate your patience.

  • - Have you had a chance to update to 2023.2.1.504?  If so, are you now able to connect successfully to Azure AD authenticated DBs?