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Check filesystem usage on linux by dpa

Hi All,

I'm new to DPA and to this community. 

I've an oracle database on linux. I'm looking for a way to monitor percentage usage of filesystem in linux by DPA.

I know there is a specific module of solawinds to make this checks (SAM) but is there a way to monitor filesystem usage and to generate alert in case of over threshold ?


  • If there are metrics you would like DPA to collect and/or conditions you would like to alert against, DPA is very flexible and makes it easy to create custom metrics and alerts. To see a lot of historical custom alerts and metrics provided by both SolarWinds employees and customers alike that might be useful, just search the Thwack DPA Forum for "CUSTOM METRIC" or "CUSTOM ALERT". Thwack recently opened up a Content Exchange for DPA and other products that have more recent custom metrics, alerts, and reports.

    Basically, if you can run a query against a monitored database instance or against the DPA repository database that returns the percent used file system space, you can create a metric for DPA to repeatedly collect and/or define custom alerts against those values.

    One of the reasons why DPA is easy to deploy and maintain is that it a pure agentless collection of information from monitored DB instances. While this gives DPA many advantages, it also has a downside in that the information DPA can collect is limited by what is possible to query from the database instance.  

    So if you can't find a metric in the current product, or on Thwack submissions, you might consider searching the internet looking for Oracle queries to get 'whatever-you-want'. Some databases also provide extensions or provide procedures that allow you to request information from the DB's host OS. You may need to install or enable those to enable a custom metric or alert to query it.