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Solarwinds DPA Integration with BMC Helix Operations Management

Hello Community!

I am looking to integrate DPA with BHOM(BMC Helix Operations Management). 

Is there a way to send alerts out of DPA via REST/webhook ?

  • I think Alerts in DPA can only email. If you had it integrated with Orion, there are ways to send to webhooks directly. 
    There is an API that you can query, but that is something that you would have to build. 
    Learn about and experiment with the DPA API (

    I am not a DPA expert, but I believe that's what your options are. 

  • DPA also has webhooks. 

    It only does webhooks to teams and slack at this time.

  • DPA can send an alert notifications via  1 or multiple E-mail, SNMP Traps, and via webhooks to Microsoft Teams or Slack. You can also configure alert notifications to be sent to different destinations and contact lists depending on the what status of the alert. For example, you can send info or warnings just to your DBAs, for severe problems also include management, or for alerts returning to normal status only notify automated contacts that may update trouble tickets with that info. 

    DPA also provides the ability to create custom e-mail templates so that you can control the format and content of both the email subject line and body.  The templates allow you to use dozens of variables instead of fixed text so that the content varies based on the alert context. For example, you can use variables to display the DB instance name, DB type and version, alert error and/or description, DB instance's values for custom properties you have defined, the alert name, ....etc. 

    You can assign different email templates to different alerts or assign which template should be your default. Because of the variables, you can share the same template for multiple alerts but have different resulting content.

    Another key scenario for templates use is so that you can make your alert emails very easy to parse out various content.  If you are wanting alerts to be delivered to a different webhook target than Slack or Teams, you can setup to receive the email and then automate forwarding/reformatting the alert to the final destination.