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How to purge SQL database historical data

Can any one tell according to the subject will db data will first wipe out all the saved data then start a new db ?

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  • Your question isn't clear at all. DPA should run a nightly clean of data the default it for it to start at 10 PM. DPA local application server time. The start time can be controlled with the advanced option CLEAN_START_HOUR. When it runs it should clean data based on DPA retention settings that are also in advanced options CLEAN_DAYS_OF_DETAIL, CLEAN_DAYS_OF_TEN_MINUTE_TREND, CLEAN_DAYS_OF_TREND 

    The default for example on CLEAN_DAYS_OF_DETAIL is 30 days. Cleaners will run to clear the oldest days keeping 30. Note days in that 30 days do not need to be consecutive days. If for example the monitors were off for a time there will simply be a gap in data for when they were off. It's a simple count of days oldest deleted first. 

    The sentence above asked if DPA will wipe data after a defined setting but, didn't even list a setting. It makes it difficult to answer a question when the question isn't clear.