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How to install DPA

We have solarwinds DPA installed on our OnPrem server. As we are migrating all our servers to cloud, would like to move DPA to the cloud. Can you please share step by step details for the migraiton.

Currently we are on - DPA 2019.4.1054

Is it better we upgrade to newer version. If so pls let me know the installables and binary...
  • I would not add the upgrade of the DPA Server as part of the move of DPA to the cloud. If something goes wrong, you add the upgrade as a significant root cause variable and make recovery more complicated. If you want to upgrade DPA Server 2019.4 (and you should for both new features and to eliminate known 3rd party software vulnerabilities in 2019.4), I recommend you upgrade to 2022.2 or more recent releases.

    But I would only upgrade after the move to the cloud is complete, you have the cloud DPA Server and repository running, and have let it soak for a while and are confident all is working. Remember: before upgrading DPA, always, always, be sure to take a backup of your cloud DPA Server and a full backup of the cloud DPA Repository database.

    Before you begin the migration, your network/VPN should enable the cloud DPA Server to establish a connection to each of the registered database instances you want DPA to analyze. From a prompt on the Linux or Windows Server on which you want the cloud DPA Server to be installed,I would make sure that you can successfully ping and/or connect to all the registered database instances you want the cloud DPA Server to analyze. 

    I assume that you want to move both the DPA Server and the corresponding DPA Repository database.  

    If so, my recommendation would be to first make a copy of the DPA Repository database into the cloud using one of:

    1. Move a DPA repository on SQL Server
    2. Move a DPA repository on MySQL
    3. Move a DPA repository on Oracle

    Once the new copy of the original DPA Repository database backup is restored and accessible, follow the instructions at Move DPA to another server

    However, outside of deactivating licenses from the original DPA Server so they can be used in the cloud copy, I wouldn't change the original's configuration to point to the cloud repository database. Keep the original DPA Server and Repository setup as a fallback option until you are confident the migration to cloud is successful.