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What We're Working On for DPA (Updated January, 2021)

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Here is a partial list of the things we are currently working on. Your comments and feedback are always welcome and have been vital in shaping Database Performance Analyzer into the product it is today. We are always listening, so please forward your feature requests, problems and use-case stories.

  • Update monitored DB registration wizards to not require privileged user credentials
    • Enable registration wizards to accept an existing DB login for use as the monitoring user instead of creating a new monitoring user. This enables registration wizards to execute with reduced roles (e.g., no sys, sysadmin, or sa privileged role requirements) similar to what is supported with the mass registration option today.
  •  Enhanced Security Capabilities and Configurations
    • Integrate with CyberArk to store/manage authentication credentials
    • Leverage SignPath as well as additional web application security enhancements
  • Support Google Cloud SQL managed databases
  • Alert status enhancements:
    • Improved workflows, filtering, and sorting
    • Alert status for instances on home page
    • Webhook notifications
  • Add area baselines to new Resources metric charts

See and vote on all features here: Database Performance Analyzer Feature Requests

Please note that the above indicates what we are currently working on but is not a guarantee that these features will be delivered should difficulties, circumstances, or priorities change.