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DPA Repository Database Size Growing


Hi all,

We have been using DPA since this year March, and we realized the repository database size has been growing.

Based on the guidebook that we have followed, it was said that for a high activity database instance, the disk space required is 5GB.

We are monitoring about 6 instances, and so far we have been allocating about 200GB space for it.

Is there any purging job being setup for this repository database?

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    Thanks gcp and jaminsql for the reply!

    Yes gcp, I am using the SQL server as the repository. The space is consumed by the database files. The log space looks alright.

    This is the screenshot of the settings, and yea, the number of days of data history is set as the default values of 30 days.


    However, since I have set up since March this year, it shouldn't have been keep increasing? For it will do up the cleaning job every 30 days...?

    May I know how many days you guys have set the value for this CLEAN_DAYS_OF_DETAIL?

  • Default 30 days here...  20 monitored instances, ~90GB data file for SQL Server repository

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