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Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2020.2 is now Available - New Support for PostgreSQL!

The DPA 2020.2 Release is now generally available!

We are excited to announce that the SolarWindsRegistered Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2020.2 is now available! 

The key features available in DPA 2020.2 include:

PostgreSQL support

DPA now provides performance analysis for PostgreSQL, the most requested DPA feature in THWACKRegistered and the #4 most popular database management system.**
What’s more, DPA’s PostgreSQL support extends to numerous standard and DBaaS (DB as a service) variants, including:
  • Standard PostgreSQL
  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS)
    • Including the Oracle Syntax option
  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL
  • Azure DB for PostgreSQL
Main DPA PostgreSQL.png

Return to normal alert notifications

DPA 2020.2 adds the capability to send notifications via SNMP traps or e-mails when an alert’s status returns to normal. OrionRegistered Platform and third-party alert managers can now synchronize their corresponding alert's status or take other actions such as reducing the priority of related incident tickets. 
The below configures an alert to send notifications to a distribution list when the status of the alert first returns to normal. 
NORMAL Alert Notification.png

Trusted certificate management

DPA 2020.2 has added an option to view and manage trusted certificates that may be used in securing communications to databases. DPA can view certificates in the Java Trust Store. It can view and manage certificates (e.g., import and delete) in its own DPA Trust Store and restrict certificates to be Database specific. Currently, only PostgreSQL registrations can take advantage of DPA Trust Store certificates. All other types still leverage those in the Java Trust Store.

Certificate file types supported to import into the DPA Trust Store include: 

  • PKCS#12 (*.pf2 or *.pfx) 
  • JKS (*.jks)
  • JCEKS (*.jceks)
  • DER (*.der or *.cer)
  • PEM (*.pem, *.crt, *.ca-bundle)

Trusted Cert Mgmt.png

Additional information links and DPA 2020.2 documentation:

  1. Read the DPA 2020.2 Release Notes and the DPA Installation and Upgrade Guide from the DPA Documentation site.
  2. Download the DPA 2020.2 software as either a trial from or from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  3. Documentation:
    • All of the documentation (e.g., Release notes and Install/upgrade guide) can be found at the DPA Documentation site.

    • You are also encouraged to visit the DPA Success Center for access to the DPA knowledge base, training, and other DPA information.

  4.  PostgreSQL Licensing:  Monitoring PostgreSQL only requires a SolarWinds Category 2 license - i.e. the same license used to monitor SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle SE instances. You can also use a Category 1 license if that is what you have available. If you don't have any unused licenses available, you can also "float" a license being used with another database to use to monitor a PostgreSQL Cluster instead.