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How to build URL to a specific time slice.

To assist our App Support team we would like to construct the an Ignite url that will take them to a specific time slice based on the time & date fields in the application log we are monitoring.  Where a number of the parameters in the url are obvious some are not so obvious.  Is there any guidance url parameters?!991468450800000&time=12%3A30PM-12%3A40PM!991468495800000&bc=0!991468496400000!9912%3A40PM-12%3A50PM!993600!99600&action=4&oldTimeSlice=3600&oldTime=12PM-1PM!991468494000000&ts=600&subTs=60&tab=55&iorw=r&pm=P&sdTab=&fullSQLText=&chartType=



  • 5 years later - I've got the same question.  Using 2 hour or other timeslices: &ts=7200 or other seconds value in URL, replacing the typical 1 hour timeslice &ts=3600

    6 hours = 21600 secs, so here's 5AM-11AM yesterday...

    That works, until... you click on a timeslice.  Then "Unable to get the monitored days for this repo: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 1 out of bounds for length 1" exception is thrown.

    Image of exception link(space appended): https: //

    Java Exception clicking on timeslice after changing ts URL