Database Performance is Life and Death for Hospitals

Database Performance is Serious business for Hospitals


I had an eye-opening lunch the other day with one of our clients. I’ll call him Mr. R.

Mr. R.'s title is one we are going to see more of in the future as IT, Data, and Hospital Operations keep merging into one amalgamous blob that is almost indecipherable as individual units. Director of Technical Integration and Clinical Engineering, at a hospital with over 1,000 beds and One BILLION in annual revenue (and growing).

It’s a bit of a mouthful but accurately describes what he does; overseeing the massive technical infrastructure needed to keep hospitals functional, and their clients… well not just happy but alive.

“I have SQL Servers that control Infusion Pumps… that means the medicine physically going into patients in their individual rooms are run on SQL Server now.”

Mr. Rs tech stack includes over THREE HUNDRED applications, including platforms like EPIC, ONBASE, and CLARITY. All of these are considered ‘mission critical,’ and 90% of these run-on Microsoft’s SQL Server. Maintaining server uptime and performance is the most important task for his team.

“If our servers are down for an hour, we lose $100ks, patients waiting to get tested/procedures done have to reschedule which can uproot their entire week. Some patients are taking off work and driving for hours for their chance to see the doctor today… and it could even cost people their lives.” Database performance and Server uptime is *Serious* business for Hospitals.

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