What We're Working On for DPA (Updated: April 17, 2024)

Here is a partial list of the things we are currently working on. Your comments and feedback are always welcome and have been vital in shaping Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) into the product it is today. We are always listening, so please forward your feature requests, problems and use-case stories.

  • MySQL/MariaDB execution plan collection and tuning advisor analytics for tables and indexes
  • Additional alert notification targets such as ServiceNow and PagerDuty
  • Platform Connect to our AIOps engine for additional notification services and statistical processing
  • DPA enterprise features

See, create new and vote on all enhancement requests here: Database Performance Analyzer Feature Requests

Please note that the above indicates what we are currently working on but is not a guarantee that these features will be delivered or when, should difficulties, circumstances, or priorities change. Also, note that the order of features does not indicate relative priority.


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