SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2022.4 Is Now Generally Available!

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2022.4 is now generally available!

You can download the latest version of DPA from the SolarWinds® Customer Portal.

Key New Features Available in SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2022.4.0.72:

Import and export for alerts, rules, and custom properties

If you have multiple DPA servers, they can share the following custom entities:

  • Custom properties that can be used in alert notification templates
  • Rules that determine which database instances are assigned to alerts
  • Alerts

You can export custom entities from one server and import them to another. In a large deployment, use this capability to implement a common set of alerts, rules, and custom properties on all servers. You can also use it to ensure that a testing or staging environment matches the production environment. In addition, exporting custom entities to a file provides a backup of your custom entities.

New and enhanced PostgreSQL alerts

DPA now supports cross-database collection of database and table level information with a single connection. Consult the DPA 2022.4 Release Notes for the configuration changes required and a list of 4 new and 10 enhanced PostgreSQL alerts taking advantage of this new capability.

New PostgreSQL CPU metrics

New PostgreSQL resource metrics tracking the amount of CPU used by the PostgreSQL Cluster as well as for the host OS have been added for those customers that have enabled the system_stats PostgreSQL extension. 

Create an Oracle DPA Repository without a user having the DBA role

Oracle users with the required set or privileges but not the Oracle DBA role, can now be provided for creating an Oracle DPA Repository during the initial configuration of a DPA Server.

For more details on DPA 2022.4, please review the following:

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