DPA 2021.3 Now Integrates With CyberArk Application Access Manager

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) now provides a certified integration with the CyberArk Application Access Manager centralized credential management vault. After configuring this integration with CyberArk, all credentials used by DPA for connections will only be retrieved from CyberArk.

CyberArk Application Access Manager Central Credential Providers, part of the Privileged Access Security solution, are used to eliminate hard-coded application credentials embedded in applications, scripts, or configuration files and allow these highly sensitive passwords to be centrally stored, logged, and managed within the vault. This unique approach enables organizations to comply with internal and regulatory compliance requirements of periodic password replacement and allows them to monitor privileged access across all systems, databases, and applications.

When DPA wants to connect to a resource—such as for monitoring a database instance or sending an alert email through an SMTP server—it requests the access credentials for the resource from CyberArk. Once CyberArk determines DPA is allowed to access the service, it’ll return the username and password credentials for DPA to use in establishing its connection.

DPA will retrieve credentials from CyberArk for the following:

  • DPA-monitored database instances
  • DPA-monitored VMware servers
  • The DPA database repository
  • Email (SMTP) servers
  • Active Directory servers 

When registering access to the above resources, DPA will no longer ask for usernames and passwords. Instead, DPA will require you to provide the reference to how the credential is stored in CyberArk. 

The below picture identifies the difference between registering a connection to VMware the standard way with usernames and passwords vs. with the CyberArk query to look up the VMware credential.


Refer to the DPA Installation Guide and the Configure DPA to Use CyberArk to Authenticate to Monitored Database Instances guide for DPA installation and CyberArk integration configuration details.

SolarWinds is a CyberArk C3 Alliance Technology Partner, and Database Performance Analyzer is a certified CyberArk integration. For more information, review the CyberArk Marketplace DPA page, “SolarWinds DPA Secrets Manager Integration.”

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