Announcing SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2021.3 is now Generally Available!

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2021.3.7388 Is Now Generally Available

You can download the latest version of DPA from the SolarWinds® Customer Portal.

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As part of our commitment to becoming Secure by Design and providing a more resilient platform, this is the first release to leverage the new SolarWinds secure software development build environment.

What’s New!

The DPA 2021.3.7388 release provides numerous improvements including:

  • Extensive alert monitoring and management enhancements:
    • Homepage alert status ­– New “Alert” column is added to each monitored database instance indicating active alerts.
    • Acknowledge alerts – Acknowledge an alert with information such as who’s working on the alert, status, or other information.
    • New alert status page – Apply numerous filters to view only the set of alerts in which you’re interested. Clicking on Alert Icon for the instance from the home page takes you to the Alert Status page and automatically filters to only show alerts for that database instance.
    • New alert details page – Provide the history of an alert, duration, description, and drill down option to view results of each evaluation.
  • Google® Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL® – Database instances can now be analyzed by DPA.
  • CyberArk® Digital Vault credential management integration – Configurable store of credentials in CyberArk for accessing databases, VMs, SMTP, LDAP, and the DPA Repository database.
  • Custom properties creation and assignment – New user interface to manage custom properties and value assignment for use in alert notification content.
  • Baselines for resource metrics 
  • Database registration enhancements:
    • Register databases with an existing user – This avoids SysAdmin credentials required to create a user during registration.
    • Specify SSL authentication for Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase database instances.

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What Future Features Are the DPA Team Working On?

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DPA End-of-Life Announcements

To continue to drive innovation and new functionality into our products, SolarWinds must transition customers from legacy versions of software to our current versions. Customers using these versions or older should begin transitioning to the most recent release of the product. For more detail on the SolarWinds End-of-Life policy, click here. For information on currently supported versions, click here.

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