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Logged on User search

We very much need the ability to search the users in active directory and show what computer the user is currently logged into and then right click and remote in to that computer.

When a user calls us for remote support they often don't know the name of their computer or they have a locked window so they can't minimize and look at the computer name.


Joe McSparin

Network Adminstrator

Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

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    had this in goverlan -> very very nice feature to have

  • To add to that, it would be very nice to have that user information shown next to the PC Name in the list or somewhere easily shown. In some cases administering a PC is easier to do when there isn't someone logged on. The current way only shows that the PC is on, not that someone is logged in to it. By showing the username next to the workstation could help with finding that PC/User for support or allowing administrators to perform tasks without interrupting a user who is currently logged on.