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host for android

I write to You since I saw in Your forum that You are asking for ideas for Your next release after 9.

I work for an Italian software house.

A customer of ours is looking for a software that can be used to remote control an android device from a windows workstation.

This would be useful for IT people to do remote assistance.

They have some very specific security issues.

For example, teamviewer cannot be used because of two reasons.

First, the teamviewer host on an android tablet uses only an identification number, not a password.

So, if the tablet user deliberately tells that number to a concurrent company, they can connect to his tablet and see the company data.

It would be the same if the teamviewer for android had a password known to the tablet user.

One solution might be to have a password chosen by the IT manager and unknown by the tablet user.

Or, it might be useful to have a connection that does not work on external internet servers, like teamviewer does, but that works with a direct connection from workstation to tablet, or that uses a server that inside the internal network.

This might be useful also for the second issue.

This company has made an agreement with the communication provider.

Inside each tablet, there is a board that connects ONLY to the internal company network.

From there, the tablet can go to internet, but only through a company proxy.

It seems that teamviewer is not able to work through a proxy, so in their case it is useless.

Third, not related to teamviewer, they do NOT want a software that requires the rooting or jailing or whatever is called of the android tablet, because this would defeat warranty.

So, here are some ideas for Your next release!

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti