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Dameware Remote Support Ver 12.1

I have version 11 installed on my computer.

I would like to confirm that ver 12.1 will allow me to transfer / copy the remote users logon information  / user name & password, when I need to install the software on new computer.

Version 11 required me to manually input the information and save it.

Thank you

  • It is not possible to move DRS credentials to another machine.
    If you are referring to "Saved Host List" in MRC (under current Windows user), you can export HKCU\Software\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control\Data (Windows Registry) and copy %APPDATA%\DameWare Development\MRCCv2.db from computer, where DRS 11 is installed. Then just install DRS 12.1 on new computer, import .reg file and replace MRCCv2.db with copied one from above.