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Symantec EndPoint Protection flag DRE apps for install when Solarwinds change their digital certs

Does any other company face this? Every time Solarwinds change their digital certificates, Symantec flags the newest installation with the digital certificate change as WS.Reputation.1 (it does not recognize it or has only seen it a few times) and halts all installations. Our only workaround is to manually submit the new Dameware file with the updated signature to Symantec for them to exclude it. 

I am curious as to how other companies with Symantec EndPoint Protection deal with this. Do you make an exception at your Symantec EndPoint administration console corporate wide? We have a request for a conference call with Solarwinds and some of our team members to see if there can be some type of solution which may include dual certificate existence for a few days along with Solarwinds notifying major security vendors like Symantec and McAfee of their digital signature change to allow them time to implement it in their signature updates before killing the old signature. 

This is only our second time experiencing this but we want to explore with Solarwinds if there is a better way this can be addressed to prevent or greatly minimize these outages.