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Dameware MRC ( cannot start dwmrcs service on some remote machines

I'm trying to connect to a remote machine (Windows 10 different patch versions) with the Dameware Mini Remote Control (
The remote machine has the dwmrcs service (same version) installed (but stopped) and is available on the network.

The MRC has been started in a different user context (lets call it mrc-user), with just minimal rights to query the status of DWMRCS and start/stop it (through GPOs - RemoteAccessCheckExemptionList).

Since some weeks I have problems starting the remote service on newer machines (Not 100% sure yet but it might start with 21H2).
My current workaround is to open a cmd as mrc-user and start the service with sc like this:
sc \\remote-machine start dwmrcs

Then I retry to connect to the remote machine and everythings works nice.

I copied the details of the error dialog down below. At step 5 it should normally simply say

Interrogation of the Mini Remote Control client agent (service) indicated that it is installed but not running.

but it doesn't.
To debug this further, I'd need a hint what the MRC is trying to query/check on the remote machine.
To me it looks like the MRC is trying to check something additionally that it doesn't have permissions to and I dont know what it is.

Thanks in advance

Host: [remote-machine]


Winsock Connect Error:
System Error: 10061
System Message:
Es konnte keine Verbindung hergestellt werden, da der Zielcomputer die Verbindung verweigerte.


The error 10061 indicates there is nothing listening on the specified port.  The most common reason for this occurrence is when the Mini Remote Control client agent (service) is not installed on the Host computer in question or there is a mismatch in port usage (default port is 6129).


The remote computers appear to be running Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Will try to interrogate the service control manager to determine if the Mini Remote Control client agent (service) is installed and/or running.


Ping returned: IP Success


Attempt to interrogate the Mini Remote Control service status failed (2):
System Error: 203
System Message:
Das System konnte die eingegebene Umgebungsoption nicht finden.