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DameWare 12.0.5 issue and Windows 11

Got issues .. I work with several remote agencies and we load DameWare client so that we can manage the mobile units remotely.   I had a site recently upgrade their laptops to Windows 11 now I am unable to control the remote session.   I can connect and see the desktop, but I no longer am able to control.   Any ideas... do I need to upgrade??? 

Advice is greatly appreciated!

  • This sounds like a problem relating to permissions on the newly upgraded Windows 11 machines. By default, non administrators only have view permissions on remote machines, so it sounds like the user you're connecting as isn't a member of the remote administrators group.

    I think the permissions can be changed within the dameware agent settings on the remote machine. Right click on the tray icon, go to settings, and then click on the 'access' tab.

    In here, there are settings which give certain users view-only access compared to full access, and so on. If you still have working Windows 10 machines, I'd suggest comparing the settings on this tab between Win10 and Win11 machines. It's possible the upgrade re-set these settings in some way.