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Multiple instances of Dameware do not "reconnect" to the same computer

Doing computer setup I may run 8 instances of Dameware MRC connected to 8 different machines.  Lets call the computer names PC1 through PC8 in this example.

Say I'm finishing up some windows updates on these pc's and I go to restart them.  Obviously after the "restarting" animation, Dameware disconnects and its just a white box.  I then go to hit the reconnect icon a few minutes later when I think the machine should be booted back up, but dameware usually CHANGES the computer name and reconnects to a different one of the 8.

This is a hassle especially if some are rebooting at different times or are at different parts of implementation, because say I hit reconnect on PC2, for some reason it may try to reconnect to PC8 which I already have a connection in another dameware window and then I get the box asking if I want to ask for a shared session.  

Its a terrible experience and I wish there was some way to get Dameware's reconnect button to actually reconnect to the computer name that is in the windows titlebar.  I'm on 64-bit and we are using Windows 10 in our environment.

I just did a test for example, I was connected on computer 844.  I purposely disconnected dameware and then hit reconnect.  It started to connect to computer 748!  I saw the name change in the titlebar from 844 to 748!  For some reason the reconnect button is trying to connect to another computer, possibly the last one I connected to.

  • I think you should file a ticket for this under solarwinds support so that they can investigate further

  • Will do because I am frustrated beyond belief.  This program doesn't look like its maintained anymore either.

  • I have had the same problem as you for years.  I do not think it is really maintained either from what I can see.  They did recently release HotFix3 but it did not address any issues we were experiencing or reporting.

    Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy...

    It isn't well maintained or enhanced so there are fewer sales and renewals every year.  With that trend apparent they decide to spend even less on it and subsequently even less revenue is available of course until that cycle continues to the end.  Ultimately the product is first declared Legacy and then moved to EOL to finally die.

    That appears to the be current path for DMRC looking at it from the customer view point and from the several blog/community sites on the various SolarWinds web portals.

    We still really like Dameware MRC, but SolarWinds has done very, very little as the standalone product since they purchased it years ago IMHO anyway.

    Hopefully I am proven completely wrong about that path and there will be an amazing updated DWMRC product upgrade soon to make all the years of paying for nearly no actual maintenance or enhancements feel a good investment after all.  There was a secret black-ops team of developers and product managers who have been working to re-invigorate the DWMRC family.

    Maybe we will be excited to learn about their vision and insight and how they finally combined the two DWRC products into one.  The type of customer you are taking care of is finally just a driver choice and includes public Internet clients through a stable in-house or hosted proxy service without resorting to the fallacy of cloud-only and/or subscription only solutions.  Kind of like the way MRC vs. RDP vs. VNC is in the standalone product.  They updated the UI without wasting so much screen real estate like Microsoft does with their operating system GUI with all those empty tiles and tile spaces and also made it more adept at screen resolution pixel/DPI/Font/scaling mastery. They added some of the various features we have been asking/paying for all these years plus some new ones.  Windows 10 / Server 2016 RDP will finally work again after month of issues; the program will reconnect to the correct machine and using the correct protocol after a disconnect as one would expect.  Speeds will be improved and there will be fewer lost cursor/connection issues.

    We will all again be glad to click that DWMRC button expecting things to work smoothly so we can get back to helping the our customers solve their problems....

    Hey, if you don't have hope, what do you have?

  • There is an urgent advisory out that describes and a critical exploit vulnerability in Dameware Mini Remote Control program DWRCS.EXE.

    NVD - CVE-2019-3980

    It is not clear how long it will take to fix it, but it seems pretty serious to me.  Looks like you should not allow any insecure devices to be allowed to try and connect to any of your Dameware clients.

  • We've installed the newest dameware with newly signed code and this is still a very frustrating problem.

    Has anyone moved on to other remote control software and if so which platform did you move to?