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What We're Working On for AppOptics (Updated Sept 10th, 2020)

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The SolarWinds application management products have recently joined the THWACK community and we are pretty excited for AppOptics to be here. 

As always, we continue to work on delivering new and enhanced features for AppOptics. Below you will see some those features we are working for future releases.

Recently released

Upcoming Projects

  • Group Mapping support in SAML - Control user access through permission groups in IdPs such as Active Directory.
  • Process IDs in the host detail view - More granular view into which processes are consuming high CPU or RSS.
  • Loggly Integration - Better Integration between Traces, Metrics and Logs.
  • Tracing Serverless Functions - Code level visibility for Serverless functions

You have told us how important it is to have an integrated APM solution that provides metrics, traces, and logs. To maximize your observability, it also needs to include end-user experience monitoring. We've been listening, we've made progress, and we are working on integrating Pingdom now! Learn more about our APM Integrated Experience

If there is something you would like to see on our roadmap, please make sure to submit a new or vote for an existing feature request.