Our journey to an integrated-APM experience continues toward including End User monitoring

You may have noticed during the last two years that we have delivered explicit updates to the APM portfolio that allow the different, discrete solutions – Loggly, AppOptics, Pingdom, and Papertrail – to start working more closely together.  We started by offering a single set of credentials to access all products you own within the portfolio.  We added a one-click integration between AppOptics hosts and traces to quickly navigate to the associated logs in Loggly.  And, we built a common navigation across the portfolio to make it easier to find what you need more quickly across the products.

The most recent change we made was in October 2020, where we brought AppOptics and Loggly together into a single platform, an integrated experience.  Now you have metrics, traces, and logs tightly integrated on a single pane of glass.  But, our journey is not complete.   

You have told us how important it is to maximize your observability and have the end user experience monitoring capability integrated as well.  We are listening and working on integrating Pingdom now!

We value your opinions and feedback, prioritize the capabilities that you deem critical to your success, and use that feedback to drive improvements to help you do your jobs better, faster, and more easily.  We encourage you to continue to engage with us to enhance the APM Integrated Experience for you.

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