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Multiselect for Permission Changes on File Server Folders

It is only possible to Change permissions for only one folder. A multiselect feature would make the provisioning more efficient.

  •   Thank you for your patience and for highlighting the age of this feature request. I understand the frustration. Due to multivarious reasons, we were prioritizing a few other key areas of product development and enhancements. But rest assured, we regularly monitor feature requests and customer inputs on Thwack as they are extremely valuable to us. We are right now actively reviewing our product roadmap to address long-standing requests like this one.

    Regarding the current functionality, our web console already supports multi-select but the options to perform actions on them are quite limited. The ability to change permissions for multiple folders would be one of the top feature priorities as we work through some of these long-pending asks.  

    Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued member of our THWACK community. If you have any additional insights or feature requests, please feel free to share them.

  • 6 years old. Nothing will happen.