GPO Changes Report - Only Send When Changed?

Is there a way to stop getting a daily report with nothing in it? I'd only like to get a GPO Changed report if something actually changed. 
I also tried to go to alerts and just alert on GPO changes, but the option isn't there. Can you make custom alerts?

  • Hello, Happy Monday!

    I believe in both instances, it would be a Feature Request.

    Even if you create a report with no events, ARM will still generate a 1-page report.

    Currently, you cannot create a custom alert other than what is given for a particular resource.

    AD alerts only have the three options of Account Locked, Group Membership Changed, or Password reset.

  • If you know SQL, then look at the timeline table (dbo schema) or history tables. Then you can write a Daily PowerShell job that will send a report when certain events occur. It's not real-time, but you could schedule it every 5-10 minutes. We already do this with our customers, for example with new Azure Only users. I can't promise you anything yet, but I can see if I can write a mini sample script, of course only if you want and this is a viable solution for you?