Access Right Manager email variables

Hello everyone

I would like to add more values in the emails for requesting or forwarding to data owners or ARM admins.

More specifically, there are xlsx files ( C:\Program Files\Protected Networks\8MAN\etc\mails\Request) that ARM uses.

These files are the basis for sending e-mails in ARM. These Xlsx files contain variables that ARM understands and then reads the data into the mail. For example, who the requester is, what resource was ordered, etc.

I need the variables for the workflow.

Since the NextApprover e-mail does not contain clear information about the order or the next approver.

Does anyone have a list of all variables that can be used in the xlsx files? Or maybe some variables that could help me in this case?


Since ARM does not have any documentation on this topic, I hope that one of you can help me.

Regards CK