Feature Requests for the ARM Template Generator V3?

I'd like to collect all feature requests for the ARM template generator in this thread. Currently I would only change the following things:

1.) After reloading a template, the template ID should be the same when saving.

2.) Save only properties with value, because when I use the templates during automation I need to remove all useless fields.

3.) Manager selection field works differently between Rich and WebClient, because this is a BUG since 3 years which I guess will never be solved.

Looking forward to feedback

  • I'm doing another reply for a different request:

    Would it be possible after dragging/dropping the "Regular Expressions" method into a creation rule, that the "Regex" part can also be a clickable button to choose from the various validation rules that are listed within the "Validation Rule" tab?

    That way, it can help eliminate confusion with having to drag/drop from methods or variables that people haven't made specifically for Regex

  • Yet another request!

    Is it possible to place in text on the creation rule under the "AD Property Rules Configuration" to see what the Preview looks like with said custom text?

  • Another one! This one is a stretch but is it possible to create a random number generator based on a range of numbers, and how many digits you want randomized?

    For example:

    Range: 0-150, get a two digit length number from the random generator (it would come out with something like "37"), or get a 3 digit length number from the random generator (and the output would be something like "147")
    Range: 1-1500, pick 3 a digit number from random (again, an output would look like "345"), or pick a 4 digit number from the generator (output being 1278)