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How to set "Custom Storage Path" for all Reports?

Hi all

I'm new to ARM and to this forum but is it possible to create a path for Custom Storage for all Reports to be stored in automatically? I know I can set the storag epath for configured reports but not for the actual output of the report. We plan to run more than 30 reports weekly (some sent by email) but want them all to be stored in same folder.

  • Hello Mats,

    You can set the saved reports location in the ARM - Configuration application easily.

    ARM - Configuration > Views & Reports. The first item in this view is the location of where the ARM Server stores generated reports.

  • Hi and thanks

    The setting you set in ARM - Configuration > Views & Reports seems to only reflect where ARM store the create report to be resused, not the output of the report. 

    I have set the path in Configuration > Views & Reports but when chose to save a report ARM wants to save it to "Documents". Want all of my reports to end up in a predefined path

  • If you don't define a custom storage path when creating the report, and you hit 'cancel' after generating the report, the generated report is stored in the location defined in Views & Reports. So in the case of scheduled reports, if you don't define a path when creating the report, it will send them to the Views & Reports default location.

  • Hmmm, i f I hit cancel after the report is created then ARM saves the report as "df8f8c41-e60e-480c-b49c-a7d736599707" without any file format and I can view the report from within ARM. But still when I have the report in ARM, right click on it and chose 'Save', ARM still refer to store it in Documents and not the specified path. But I will try the schedule report as well and see how it behave

  • I tested a schedule report and it behaves as you have seen, a file is saved with no file format in the Views & Reports location. I think this needs to go as a Feature Request for ARM at this point. I will check into this more when I have the time.

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