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UniquenessConstraint create unique error message

I was asked to change the error message when an employee ID was already used within our domain. According to the format of a "unique" attribute, there doesn't appear to be a .json field to give a custom error message when the duplicate attribute is found. Is there a way to change the "The value for property 'employeeID' is already in use and not possible"?

"LdapAttributes": [
"Name": "employeeID",
"Definition": {
"Type": "TextField",
"Label": "Employee ID",
"Description": "",
"DefaultValue": null,
"IsRequired": true,
"IsEnabled": true,
"isHidden": false,
"isHiddenFromRequester": false,
"Constraints": {
"MaxLength": -1,
"ForbiddenChars": [],
"ValidationRule": "",
"ValidationInformation": "",
"UniquenessConstraint": "properties/ldap/uniqueness",
"CreationRule": ""